WoW Battle Pet trader “scam” is costing players thousands in Gold

World of Warcraft’s Battle Pets can sit around for ages without any interaction from players, but random approaches in-game to buy them should be met with considerable caution. 

Members of the game’s community can be very generous, helping players out to find items across the vast world inside the MMORPG. However, as is the case with most communities online, there are a select few trying to take advantage of general good faith.

This Holiday season, players have been warning others about rogue traders in the game asking about taking Battle Pets off their hands for very low prices.

For those who aren’t aware, Battle Pets can be used in World of Warcraft to battle others and ultimately collect them. These in-game items can be racked up into collections, or sold for a profit, and some of the most expensive can command fees of up to 400,000-500,000 Gold.

Not all of them will be that expensive, but unsuspecting owners won’t know the difference between a dud and a diamond. That’s where the traders come in and take advantage.


Each WoW Battle Pet is priced differently and can be sold in-game.

WoW Battle Pet traders stealing thousands from players

On December 20, Reddit user Rhalasong posted to the WoW subreddit page, flagging an interaction they had with one of the people carrying out the scam.

They warned: “CHECK YOUR BATTLEPETS’ VALUE BEFORE SELLING. This person was whispering anyone with rare pets claiming they were to complete their…

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