What is Web3? How crypto can change the internet (or not) – CVBJ

12/20/2021 at 19:09 CET

Carles Planas Bou

This 2021 has served to consolidate within the technology sector an idea that will have more and more echo around the world: the web3. And it is that, although the term does not become popular beyond specialized circles, what it means is to transform the Internet and light a new world digital that conquers our lives even more. Its potential may be revolutionary, but it also raises many doubts, so we go in parts.

The Internet is one of the greatest technological advances in history. In 1989, 32 long years ago, the world Wide Web, whose three initials would change the way we observe and understand the world. In its pioneering stage, the network was “a collaborative medium, a place to read & rdquor ;, as defined by its inventor, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee. Most of the users were simple consumers of static web pages and personal notebooks in a decentralized ecosystem with open protocols where those who had the knowledge could host servers and create applications, as happened with Emule, Napster or Bitorrent.

That period became known as Web 1.0 and ended in 2004, when the rise of the social networks inaugurated the so-called Web 2.0. These platforms opened the door to the current Internet of social interaction and democratized the publication of content. However, in return, decision-making was centralized in companies such as Google or Facebook, which have exploited our data and our privacy…

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