Russian national charged in hacking and insider trading plot that made ‘tens of millions of dollars,’ scamming investors, prosecutors say

“In simple terms, they hacked into US networks, stole inside information, and cheated honest investors out of millions of dollars,’’ Mendell said. He said Klyushin had “extensive ties to the office of the president of the Russian Federation,” the job currently held by Vladimir Putin.

Kylushin, 41, is scheduled to appear in US District Court Monday and is being prosecuted in Massachusetts because one of the conspirators routed some illegal activity “using IP addresses hosted at a data center located in Boston,” according to prosecutors.

“The integrity of our nation’s capital markets and of its computer networks are priorities for my office,” said Mendell. “Today’s charges show that we, the FBI, and our other law enforcement partners will relentlessly pursue those who hack, steal and attempt to profit from inside information, wherever they may hide.”

Klyushin is among five defendants, all Russian nationals, who allegedly participated in the hacking and insider trading ring, federal prosecutors said. One of the four at large suspects is Ivan S. Ermakov, whom Mendell said is already under federal indictment for Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US Presidential election and hacking of international sports organizations who sanctioned Russian sports teams for illegal drug use.

Klyushin is charged with conspiring to obtain unauthorized access to computers, and to commit wire fraud and securities fraud, and with obtaining unauthorized access to…

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