The Ohio Department of Education Determines Bishop Sycamore High School Is ‘a Scam’

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While the rest of us law-abiding citizens were out scouring the mall for last-minute Christmas gifts, the Ohio Department of Education spent its weekend doing the Lord’s work and determined that Bishop Sycamore High School—the undisputed Rachel Dolezal of amateur sports—was, in fact, a whole-ass scam.

Yes, we knew this already, but now it’s officially official.

From ESPN:

An Ohio school whose legitimacy was scrutinized after its supposedly top-tier football team got clobbered in an ESPN-televised game didn’t live up to its billing educationally either: It turned out to be “a scam,” according to an investigation by the Ohio Department of Education.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said he is asking the attorney general and other officials to determine whether any laws were broken by what claimed to be the Columbus-area Bishop Sycamore High School. DeWine said he will work with state education officials and lawmakers on enacting changes recommended by the department to avoid a repeat of the situation.

Aside from lying about the caliber of players on its roster during a nationally televised game in August, as we’ve previously reported at The Root, there was a laundry list of red flags that pointed to Bishop Sycamore being about as authentic as Milli Vanilli:

– Bishop Sycamore describes itself as an online charter school, yet isn’t listed in the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s directory of schools.

– The school’s official website is janky…

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