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In an uncertain economy, freelancers can be a good choice for small businesses who may not need a permanent, full-time staff member. Many types of work, from writing to graphic design to bookkeeping, can be performed on a freelance basis. To find and hire a freelancer who will do quality work, the Better Business Bureau recommends the following tips.


Hiring a freelancer may be an efficient and effective way to work through a short term project and/or one which may have budgetary constraints,” Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB in Central East Texas said. “Just keep in mind, all freelancers are not equal, so do your homework and check references.”


  • Know the difference between an independent contractor and an employee. Knowing the difference is vital since the answer can affect how you withhold taxes. Unlike employees, freelancers are independent contractors who control when and where they work, and furnish their own equipment and tools. That said, situations vary, and should be handled accordingly. In the United States, you can find more information about differentiating between employees and freelancers at


  • Research prices and create a budget. The prices freelancers charge for specific projects can vary greatly based on many factors such as location and years of experience. Remember, a lower rate could mean lower quality. Instead, start by setting a budget and then take your time shopping for a qualified…

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