ALP and Runestone Electric remind you about phone scams | Local News

(Alexandria, MN)–ALP Utilities and Runestone Electric Association are reporting that they have received many phone calls over the past few days from local customers regarding phone scams. Utility officials say they want to warn everyone to be on guard for scams targeting payment on electric bills.

They say that here are some things to look for in a potential scam call:

• The caller will contact you and inform you that your power will be disconnected in a short period of time if you do not make an immediate payment on your account.

• The caller will ask for payment with a prepaid credit card or gift card.

• The caller will ask for personal and financial information.

Officials remind you that ALP and REA will never call and demand quick payment over the phone while threatening disconnection without prior communication. Contact ALP or REA with questions.

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