Study shows most online scams start on Facebook, Instagram

A new study from the Better Business Bureau went deep to see just how likely you are to be scammed online, and what the investigator found surprised him.

ST. LOUIS — It may not surprise you to hear that online scams are rampant, but we are now getting a better look at how scams are taking place, and where you might become a target.

Online scams have surged during the pandemic and with supply chain issues, you may have a better chance at falling for one, especially during the holiday season.

If you’re scrolling on social media, you might come across an advertisement. There’s also a chance it’s a real product that’s being used as bait by scammers. 

Thieves are targeting social media like never before: actually paying money to companies like Facebook money. They’re buying ads that turn out to be fake. 

“Everything looked so real,” said Kymberly Talley. 

She responded to an ad for a countertop ice maker on Facebook. 

“And me being an avid ice eater, I just thought the gates of heaven opened up, and I could have my own ice-making…

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