Scams people need to be aware of this Christmas

Christmas is only days away, but that doesn’t stop scammers trying to steal people’s hard-earned cash.

Many people will have already got their presents together, however some may be making last-minute online purchases.

However, fraudsters often use this as a way in of conning people into handing over their money.

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A spokesperson for Action Fraud said: “Online shopping fraud is the most common type of fraud people fall victim to around Christmas, as they’re buying gifts for friends and family.

“Mobile phones are one of the most common items that people try to buy from fraudsters.

“Victims report being hooked in with bargain deals on some of the most popular models of smart phones, only for the phone to never actually arrive and leaving them without presents to give on Christmas Day.

Apple iPhones account for a large proportion of all mobile phones purchased that turn out to be fraudulent.

“Electrical goods (including games consoles), household items, computers, clothing, and accessories also feature in many reports to Action Fraud around the Christmas period.”

It isn’t just online shopping fraudsters using to con people, but also covid.

Here is a look at some of the most common scams people can easily fall for in the build-up to Christmas and what to do if you think you are a victim.

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This sinister scam involves calls being made to random…

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