Police news from Abington, Cheltenham and Jenkintown


FRAUD >> An employee at the Apple Store in Willow Grove reported Dec. 2 receiving an email from a person he thought to be his boss instructing him to buy three $500 gift cards and provide the numbers, which he did, and later learned it was a scam, police said.

THEFT >> A resident reported Dec. 2 that when meeting a person to whom he was selling a pair of $450 sneakers through the site Offer Up, the person asked to try them on and then ran away with them in the 1500 block of Franklin Avenue, police said.

FRAUD >> A resident reported mailing a check on Nov. 26 at the USPS box on Keith Road for $2,000 and then being advised by his bank the check was cashed for $20,000 by someone else, police said. The mailbox was checked and glue was found nearby and it was taken out of service, police said.

BURGLARY >> A resident of the 1500 block of Stocton Road, Meadowbrook, reported at 6:57 p.m. Dec. 3 that several people broke into the home and fled when they realized people were in the house, police said. A K-9 search was unsuccessful, police said, noting it was the third burglary in the area in the last month.

FRAUD >> A resident reported Dec. 4 receiving a call that her Amazon account was compromised and then following instructions to purchase $1,200 in gift cards to get the charges removed, before realizing she was being scammed, police said.

BURGLARY >> Items were stolen from a home in the 1900 block of Lambert Road, Jenkintown, during a burglary discovered at 3:20 p.m….

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