Matt Damon ripped for pretentious ad touting cryto trading

Matt Damon has once again riled up people on Twitter, this time for starring in a pretentious ad for a crypto-trading app in which he compares buying up Bitcoin to some of the greatest achievements in human exploration — from the Wright brothers’ first flight to astronauts exploring space.

In the 60-second TV spot, which ran during Sunday’s NFL games, Damon solemnly pronounces, “Fortune favors the brave” after strolling down a minimalist hallway straight out of a science fiction movie, with visions of some of the world’s great explorers appearing on each side.

“History is filled with almosts,” Damon says loftily, as he walks past the vision of an explorer who sailed the oceans hundreds of years ago. “Then there are others, the one who embrace the moment, and commit,” Damon adds, as he walks past a vision of perhaps Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest and of the Wright Brothers taking flight in their 1902 glider.

“And in these moments of truth, these men and women, these mere mortals, just like you and me, as they peer over the edge, they calm their minds and steel their nerves with four simple words that have been whispered by the intrepids since the time of the Romans: Fortune favors the brave.”

At this point, the screen shows the logo and web address, an app that serves more than 10 million customers, Variety reported. With the ad, Damon joins other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Stephen…

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