Employment scams on the rise, BBB San Antonio warns

SAN ANTONIO – The Better Business Bureau is advising job applicants to be extra cautious of scammers during a time when companies are offering generous incentives to new employees.

Whether full-time, part-time or a side gig, the BBB reports that in the last few months, the number one scam reported in San Antonio were employment scams.

“We’ve seen a variety of job scams,” said Jason Meza, the regional director of the BBB San Antonio. “They followed so many different variations, everything from the overpayment check scheme to car rep schemes.”

Verónica Juárez is one of the latest victims of scammers posing as employers.

“It’s just devastating,” Juárez said. “It’s devastating to work so hard for something, and then in less than a day (for someone) to take it all the way.”

Her bank account is nearly $1,000 negative, but she has lost close to $2,000 total.

“I put (out) applications, and then, so, when I got that text, I was like, ‘Thank God,’” Juárez said.


An answered prayer quickly turned into a nightmare.

“First of all, they sent me a text saying, (they had received my) application, reviewed it and (were going to hire me,” Juárez said.

She had applied for a secret shopper job the day before.

Juárez said the recruiter explained she’d survey a business on customer service by purchasing gift cards. The scammer reached out via text, sending instructions and asking for updates on Juárez’s first assignment.

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