Senior scams and fraud; What you need to know

(WBNG) — Seniors are being hit the hardest with scams and fraud, but there’s ways to prevent them from falling victim.

“The statistics have in fact shown that for seniors the amount of each fraud is significantly higher that it would be for younger people,” said New York State Assistant Attorney General Michael Danaher.

Danaher said when it comes to seniors, they’re one of the main target groups of frauds and scams.

“They’re a good target because scam artists actually like to get people who have quick access to the cash that they can give it out,” he said. “They were taught to be polite – they don’t hang up the telephone. Also, unfortunately, seniors are the number one group that is lease likely to report they’re been victimized by a scam.”

Danaher said identity theft is on the rise, but scams can also come in the form of a phone call claiming to be the IRS, text messages posing as your bank, emails saying you won a sweepstakes, and home improvements.

“Scam artists take what’s going on in society now and they twist it to create their own fraud,” said Danaher.

And the best thing you can do to prevent yourself or family from falling victim is to wait.

“Don’t immediately send out the money, don’t immediately respond to that email, don’t accept a person that comes to the door to come do a repair on the house. Give yourself time to think about it – that gives you the opportunity to discuss it with other family members, friends, that’s the…

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