WhatsApp warning: New scam just cost UK users £1,000 – don’t be next

WhatsApp users in the UK are being warned about a dangerous scam that has the ability to steal over £1,000 from victims. The attack sees con artists messaging WhatsApp users with a message that pretends to be a family member. The text always asks for money to help deal with an emergency with the scammers using emotional blackmail to dupe unsuspecting users. This type of attack has been targeting users for some time but appears to be back and more worrying than ever. The latest version of this WhatsApp, which was spotted by Hertfordshire Police, sees scammers (posing as a loved one) claim they need help as their phone has been stolen or has broken.

The force says some residents in the region have already lost £1,000 each to this scam which has also left them reeling from the traumatic and emotional experience.

In a Neighbourhood Watch message sent out this week, Hertfordshire Police said: “We are seeing an increasing number of scam reports where victims have received messages claiming to be from their son/daughter or other family member saying they have lost or broken their phone, and the number they are texting from is their new number. They then requested financial help, asking for money to be sent urgently.

“Some Hertfordshire residents have lost over £1,000, resulting in a traumatic emotional and financial impact for the victims. Please remain alert to this scam and warn others.”

Explaining how people can keep safe, Hertfordshire Police offered some easy to follow…

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