What’s wrong with living in the real world?

As I understand the metaverse it will eventually be a place where you live that’s so real you may not know where you are, here or the metaverse.

At the moment, as I understand, the metaverse it’s just a bunch of avatars, like avatars on games. In fact, the metaverse as I understand it right now just looks like a cheap game.

Some are starting to take it seriously. A Minister from a Middle Eastern government the other day called for the United Nations to be involved in the metaverse to oversee crime. It’s a fair question. If crime is committed in the metaverse, which it will be, under whose jurisdiction is it policed? Who is charged? And where and what are the penalties?

Money is already being used in the metaverse, so does a financial crime get caught up by a police force somewhere?

I raise this because this is just another one of those hair-brained ideas that will collapse in a heap, and I am calling it now.

The same way I called cryptocurrency as a Ponzi scheme. The same way I called the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) frenzy as flash laybuy that simply offered another version of debt and would end badly.

If you haven’t followed the BNPL market, it’s about to collapse. Those companies that listed have been spanked. How they could never see that getting people further into debt wasn’t going to be a road to riches still fascinates me.

But that was crypto. No regulation, no limits on the number of currencies, a link to crime and third world countries. Gosh,…

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