Wayne County jury duty scam demands $1,500 or more via Venmo

No one — except a scammer — is going to demand that you Venmo them cash to cover a fine for not appearing for jury duty. Repeat: No one.

But scammers are doing just that and targeting Venmo users in Wayne County with some pretty incredible threats.

Locally, consumers report hearing from a caller who falsely identifies himself as a member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. Then, the impostor demands that $1,500 to $2,000 be paid by Venmo immediately or else the resident will be arrested for missing jury duty.

Criminals, of course, want you to panic and think something terrible will happen to you. Once you’re thrown off guard, they’re demanding money via Venmo or gift cards. 

And remember, you can’t always trust caller ID because the sophisticated scammers know how to make the call seem like the real deal. 

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