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It’s great to be safe online and to be comfortable with making online purchases but you can be subject to scams or fake goods very easily. What you think may be the real deal can be fake and you can be scammed without realising it. Perhaps the designer goods you’ve bought are more dodgy than designer, and it can happen to us all.

My son recently wanted an expensive pair of trainers and I wanted him to understand that things do not come for free.

Therefore I offered to pay for a reasonably priced pair and if he wanted the more expensive pair then he would need to do some chores.

He did the chores, but like all good teenagers managed to minimise the amount of work by finding a cheaper pair of trainers from a discount store.

I bought them with a credit card. This is really important because if anything goes wrong, the credit card is jointly liable under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

The trainers arrived a few weeks later in a plastic parcel. Inside was a branded box and inside that were the trainers. The trainers were at first glance the real deal. There were some niggles though.

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The first thing I noticed was that the cardboard box was thinner than normal, and on closer inspection, the barcode on the outside was not real.

I found a service where you can scan a barcode to find the product’s details and rather than being wrapped in a single piece of tissue paper the trainers were…

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