Scam for Walmart and Ukraine’s Independence Hits Facebook

On Facebook, Walmart is giving away shopping sprees in honor of Ukraine’s day of independence.

On Aug. 17, 2022, we came across a Facebook post that claimed Walmart would be awarding a shopping spree to five winners. According to the post, the special “shopping surprise” promotion was in honor of Ukraine’s upcoming independence day on Aug. 24. However, this was nothing more than a survey scam. Walmart had no involvement.

The scammer’s post (archived) appeared on a page named WaImart Fans. The company’s name was spelled with an “I” instead of an “L” for the third letter. This was likely the scammer’s attempt to avoid detection by Meta, Facebook’s parent company.

This Facebook post about the fake Walmart promotion and Ukraine’s independence day was created by scammers who appeared to live in Indonesia.

The post read as follows:

To Celebrate Ukraine’s 31st INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY, @Walmart, Starting from today we will give a FREE Shopping Surprise to 5 Winners on Facebook. Successfully Typing “FREE” This program is valid until August 24th.

This Facebook post was made by the same scammers that previously promoted other fake promotions for free refrigerators and ovens at Target and Walmart. Some of the pages appeared to be managed from Indonesia.

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