Sacramento Covid-19 test site under investigation

Consumer safety experts offer advice to ensure patients are protected when they seek a COVID-19 test.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As people continue to have difficulties locating rapid COVID-19 tests, experts are warning consumers to be extra vigilant when it comes to test sites.

ABC10 spoke to several people who said the internet led them to the Center for Covid Control after searching Sacramento for a test. They said after visiting the location in a mobile container office in a shopping plaza on Truxel Road, they either never got their test results or the results were delayed.

Now the California Department of Public Health is investigating their concerns.

“I just searched like, ‘local Sacramento walk-in’ because it seemed like only appointments seemed to be the only option,” Silvia Parra, of Sacramento, told ABC10.

“I think I just Googled ‘Sacramento rapid COVID test’ and it was like the first thing to pop up,” Nick Dunlavy, of Sacramento, said. “I was a bit in a rush because Christmas was coming up.”

The two said they were at first relieved to find a site administering free rapid tests…

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