Questioning The LegalShield Scam Issue

Legalshield has faced the scam claim largely for its multi-level marketing business model, but any Legal Shield review must note that its popularity negates the cry, even though some may find the system less than attractive. The service providing pre-paid legal plans to over 4 million people demonstrates a network of high penetration.

LegalShield provides legal advice and handle legal issues through its network of almost 7000 independent attorneys in both the United States and Canada.

Unfortunately, as it is a multi-level marketing setup it has also attracted some bad reviews and claims that the network is a scam. Harsh, and also untrue.

Also known as Pre-Paid Legal, LegalShield offers a business opportunity to the legalshield attorneys who market its services and provides a legal assistance deal involving payment of a monthly fee to avoid those nasty hourly lawyer bills. The concept is to provide affordable legal services.

But its unwanted attention via its payment and business structure has created some unfortunate repercussions for the business.

The Popularity Of The Low Legal Fee System

LegalShield has over 4 million members so there is no denying its legal protection plan has provided both a peace of mind factor for its members along with high revenue opportunities for its attorneys and cost savings for the clients.

For small business owners, for instance, the range of legal issues that arises can be daunting and obtaining legal help expensive.

With lawyers charging from…

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