! Murcia Today – Two Businessmen Jailed Over Teulada Strip Club Renovation Scam

Date Published: 13/12/2021

The pair hired several firms to refurbish the venue on the N-332 in the Marina Alta, Alicante province, and never paid them

Two businessmen have been jailed over a strip club scam in Teulada which left several renovation companies almost 170,000 euros out of pocket.


The men, aged 55 and 60, hired a number of firms to refurbish a premises owned by one of them located on the busy N-332, and turn in into La Femine Show Girls club for adults.


But despite carrying out the work, none of the companies were paid.


The owner, who denied any knowledge of the “scam” was sentenced to three years in prison, and the second defendant, who accepted the prosecution’s accusations, was given an 18-month jail term.


During the trial at Alicante Provincial Court in November, it was heard that the pair created a new company in the club owner’s name in June 1021, from which the renovation expenses were supposed to be paid.


According to the prosecution, up to 11 businesses related to construction and refurbishment were contracted, and were given partial payments in cash with written promises of further payments that were never paid.


The Femine Show Girls opened its doors in Teulada in October 2012, and before long the management was in trouble for advertising on vehicles in the municipality. This was followed by a 150-euro-fine for not complying with the ordinance on street cleaning and waste management, before the serious fraud charges and consequent prison sentences.


The court was told the two defendants were involved in “many issues”, including being ordered to close two months after opening by the Town Hall, which imposed a demolition agreement if they did not “comply with the rules imposed in the multiple proceedings opened against them”.


In January 2013, Teulada Council finally agreed to demolish the interior refurbishment works at La Femine, “removing installations and restoring the land to its previous state”.


The club closed its doors, leaving a significant amount of debt to a large number of companies, and although 11 of them took the businessmen to court, a “significant number of small businessmen and self-employed people remained unpaid for services they had provided”.


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