Krewe of Rio warns about online ticket scam

“If it’s not an actual printed ticket then don’t pay for it it’s not a ticket from Rio.”

With the ball just over a week away, a warning from the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio about a scam.

The party is set for Saturday, January 8th, and will mark the return of Mardi Gras balls after last year’s cancellations but some are looking to capitalize on the excitement.

The ball is just over a week away, and the party is sold out, but tickets have popped up for sale online.

The krewe is out with a warning to watch out for the scam.

“Everybody wants to go of course. The scammers are going to be able to kind of latch onto something and try to make some money.”

Seth Aymond, with the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio, says a friend was approached to buy tickets for the Rio Ball online.

Aymond says he knew immediately that was a scam.

“They didn’t see the actual tickets. She just said in the span of the text messaging back-and-forth she was going to email the tickets to them once they receive the PayPal transaction. This year all of our guest tickets were printed so there are no electronic copies,” Aymond added.

If you do see tickets for sale, “Definitely check with a Krewe member, somebody that knows what’s happening before sending a wire transaction and make sure you have the tickets in hand,” said Aymond.

Again keep in mind any guest tickets for next week’s ball cannot be emailed, they are printed, physical tickets.

As for krewe members, those tickets are non-transferable and will be given to krewe…

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