How To Spot A Resale Scam After Ticket Fraud Reports Double Since The Start Of 2022

Vladvictoria / Pixabay

Experts at VPNOverview have revealed how to spot a resale ticket scam following a 110% surge in demand for concert tickets.

With searches for ticket resale sites up by 150% in the last month, music/art lovers are desperate to see their favourite performers, however in some cases whether it be through the purchase of fake tickets, e-ticket errors, dummy seats or duplicate sale of tickets, they have turned out to be victims of a scam.

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Views on TikTok for ‘ticket scams’ have reached over 2.2 million as angry customers document their experiences of falling victim to a concert ticket scam.

Action fraud report that in the last 13 months, £6.2 million has been lost to ticket fraud, with the 20 to 29 year old age bracket being most affected.


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