How to Remove Credence Resource Management from Your Credit Report

Is Credence Resource Management, LLC, contacting you about unpaid debts?

Whether you’ve seen this name on your phone, in a letter or on your credit report, you might be wondering how to proceed. The longer you avoid a debt collection agency like Credence, the more damage the agency can do to your credit score. In the guide below, we’ll walk you through some simple steps to get Credence Resource Management removed from your credit report and your recent calls list.

Table of contents:

  • About Credence Resource Management
  • How it works
  • Steps to remove Credence Resource Management from your credit report
  • Your consumer rights
  • Should you hire a credit repair company?

What is Credence Resource Management?

Credence Resource Management, LLC, is a debt collection agency founded in Nevada in 2013, with its current headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also has a presence in Washington State, California and in Pune, India.

Over the years, Credence has collected a lot of debt, earning a profit of $5 million last year. In addition to Credence Resource Management, LLC, the agency might appear on your credit report under the following names:

  • Credence Collections
  • CRM
  • Credence Resource Management AT&T
  • Credence RM

How does Credence Resource Management work?

Credence, and…

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