How to make sure no one takes your grocery pick-up order

Valerie Barnett said she placed an order at a Central Phoenix Walmart and got an email alert that her order had been picked up when she was sick in bed.

PHOENIX — Curbside pickup has really taken off since the start of the pandemic. For some it offers safety, others convenience.

It’s something many in the Valley will be doing on Friday, as the mad rush to ensure a merry Christmas is underway.

One Phoenix woman is warning shoppers that she never got her order. 

Valerie Barnett said she purchased $40 dollars worth of food and miscellaneous items at the end of November. 

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She didn’t pick it up same day because she came down with a headache. 

Two days later she got an alert from Walmart reading ‘your items have been picked up.’

“If someone is going to go and sit in an area and take an order that’s not theirs, knowing it’s not theirs, I think it’s a scam,” Barnett said. “It’s like the person at the…

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