HCSO alerts the public of SCAM requesting funds for ‘an unpaid fine’ | Local News

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a SCAM being perpetrated in the community.

The SCAM involves a phone call from a party advising they work for the HCSO. The caller states there is some sort of a fine the individual has not paid and they will issue a warrant for their arrest if the fine is not addressed at that time over the telephone.

Ultimately, the caller tries to get the individual to either pay with a credit card or with a pre-paid credit or “green card” to remove the fine or alleged warrant.

This SCAM is not new and has been perpetrated in our community for several years in some way, shape, or form. There have also been similar SCAMS that involve other County Offices whereby the caller solicits pre-paid funds to get the individual out of jury duty, taxes, and other monetary charges.

The phone calls are made with voice-over-IP technology and are therefore very difficult to trace.

Please note, the HCSO, County Offices, nor the Internal Revenue Office or Social Security Administration will never solicit funds from a citizen over the phone. All correspondence from the HCSO and County Offices will be delivered by mail.

As a reminder, HCSO says to never release monetary funds over the phone to anyone until you have verified the organization’s legitimacy.

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