ED spots Rs 1,400 crore transaction- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: The Enforcement Directorate has filed a complaint with the Hyderabad Central Crime Station (CCS) based on ongoing investigation into the Chinese loan app scam. 

A Rs 1,400 crore transaction was identified by the Directorate, the amount was taken out through several recent transactions. Various certificates used for the activities were found to be counterfeit and the money was allegedly transferred to foreign accounts including those in Mauritius and Hong Kong.

A police official said, “A complaint has been received regarding multiple transactions done by hair exporting firms and the amount was transferred to foreign accounts. The exact amount is yet to be ascertained. There are a few bank accounts based out of Delhi which will also be investigated.” 

A firm/individual from Hyderabad is also allegedly involved in the case. The probe is on regarding the diversion of the large sums to foreign accounts and the bank officials will be questioned. 

Recently, the ED seized another Rs 51.22 crore belonging to a non-banking finance company. The total amount seized so far is Rs 288 crore. 

The Chinese loan apps have been trapping gullible people, they charge high rate of interest and threaten customers to sell their personal data. Earlier, two cases were registered in December 2020 and January 2021 under the Gaming Act.

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