Better Business Bureau warns last-minute holiday shoppers to be vigilant

SAN ANTONIO – When it comes to last-minute holiday shopping, don’t just shop for a good deal online.

The Better Business Bureau reports nearly 300 customers have complained about GoTrax’s products, including electric scooters and bikes and hoverboards.

Tanisha Nixon reported her case to the BBB after purchasing an electric scooter for adults from GoTrax through Amazon.

“That’s another reason why I went with that company, because they have adult scooters like (the ones) you see downtown,” Nixon said. “It was that kind of scooter, electric. It had a speedometer, a headlight, a radio, you know. It was a nice scooter.”

Months later, the nearly $300 electric scooter stopped working.

“It started having some technical issues,” Nixon said. “I reached out to the company, and, you know, they requested the receipt and things like that.”

Screenshots show that Nixon sent the receipt and pictures of the scooter to the company. She said the product had been collecting dust in her garage.


“I would email them, and they would email me back, (asking me to) send pictures. So I would send them the pictures, and then they would email me back. So it was just like a vicious cycle.”

Nixon eventually lost hope and reported the company to BBB.

“GoTrax is a company that we received wind of back in May,” said Jason Meza, the BBB’s regional director of San Antonio.

Meza said, on average, customers pay $180 to $200 for a GoTrax product, but when hundreds of customers report…

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