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ROCKFORD (WREX) — With all the Christmas gifts opened, there may be some ideas that didn’t turn out just right.

The Better Business Bureau is trying to make sure the process of returning any gifts can be as smooth as possible. Officials from the BBB say the process can be easier if we just keep a few things in mind.

“Stores are not legally required to accept exchanges or give refunds unless the merchandise was defective or misrepresented,” says Dennis Horton, the director of the BBB’s Rockford Regional Office. “While most retailers do offer refund and exchange programs, policies vary greatly from one store to another.”

The BBB says any customer should know any store’s policies, especially on returns when you buy online. You can also ask if there is any restocking fee, or if they offer a cash refund, exchange, or in-store credit. For online orders, check if there is a nearby store where you can return the gift in-person rather than paying any shipping fees.

Dennis Horton recommends, no matter what, check any store’s return policies.

“Be sure to double-check policies this holiday season, even if you are familiar with the brand, as stores can change their policies whenever they want,” Horton says.

The BBB says some stores may have a limited period of time when returns can be handled. If you are returning any gift, make sure to have the receipt plus…

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