Are MySejahtera 68808 SMS Messages A Scam?!

Are MySejahtera messages sent through the 68808 SMS service really a scam?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : MySejahtera 68808 SMS Messages Are A Scam!

People are sharing this warning on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as in WhatsApp and Telegram groups :

MySejahtera 通过 68808 发送短信要求用户 重置资料,请不要点击链接,这是钓鱼陷阱 骗局。

MySejahtera sending sms through 68808 to ask users to reset, pls do not click link. It’s a scam.


MySejahtera 68808 SMS Messages Not Necessarily A Scam!

Many Malaysians are rightfully wary about clicking on links sent by SMS or WhatsApp.

There have been many scams involving fake SMS or WhatsApp messages, which we covered here in Tech ARP :

However, Malaysians are also too gullible, accepting all warnings on WhatsApp as genuine, without first verifying if they are even true.

Here are the reasons why the MySejahtera reset messages delivered by the 68808 SMS service are not necessarily a scam!

Fact #1 : 68808 Is Used By MySejahtera

Despite what people may tell you – 68808 is an official SMS service number used by MySejahtera.

In fact, MySejahtera uses three SMS service numbers to send you notifications (like your vaccination appointments), as well as your password renewal link :

Fact #2 : 68808 Messages Are Generally Legitimate

Despite what is shared on social media,…

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