6 scams for college students to avoid

Fri, Aug 5th 2022 11:05 am

By the Better Business Bureau

College students spend money on tuition payments and school supplies as they prepare for the new year. However, scammers are taking this opportunity to try to steal some of that money through various schemes and scams.

One tactic that has been used to get a student’s personal information is a phishing email that claims to be from the school’s “Financial Department.” Messages via text or email may appear, instructing the student to click on a link provided in the email and log in with a student username and password. Don’t do it; doing so could give the user name, password, or other personal information to scammers, possibly downloading malware onto the device.

Whether you are starting school away from home or have young students who may be vulnerable to such scams, Better Business Bureau recommends watching out for these financial scams before heading into the new semester. 

√ Fake credit cards – Offers to apply for the first credit card are tempting to many students. Not only could this create credit problems down the road due to unchecked spending, but some of the deals could be phony offers designed to access personal information. Research the offers from the credit card flyers and the banking institutions before applying.

√ Too good to be true apartments – It’s hard not to jump on a convenient apartment so close to campus, especially if it advertises affordable rent. It’s tempting to…

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