5 times Indian students faked documents to enter Britain

It’s well-known that pursuing a higher education abroad, especially in the Global North, puts you at a distinct advantage in the international employment market. Some, though, will literally go the extra mile to fake their way through immigration loopholes for successful entries. 

In the UK, there are 55,465 Indian students enroled across all higher education institutions as of 2021. Enrolment rates are showing staggering growth that have more than doubled since 2019. With Indian students coming in droves, it can be hard to detect those that slip through the cracks with fraudulent visas. 

Here are five university scam stories where Indian nationals have falsified documents to enter or remain in the UK as a student:

1. The Kerala youth detained at Bengaluru airport

Soju Thazhathu Veettil Shaji was ready to fly into the UK with forged documents when immigration officials aborted his plans at the Bengaluru airport.

According to The Siasat Daily, the authorities have taken the forgery as a grave concern, especially after discovering a fake transcript from the Gulbarga University of Karnataka as well. Shaji was said to have procured a ticket on British Airways, when officers felt doubtful over the authenticity of his documents. The accused revealed that he had paid 65,000 Indian Rupees to secure the certificates, and is currently under investigation under police custody.

2. Student loan scams for UK visas

Studying abroad comes with a hefty price tag, and border…

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