TikToker Says Callikoa Scammed Her After Promising Promo Video Deal

Julia Schwarzinger, who runs a business that sells crystals, was excited to work with influencer Calli Hynes.

“I was just a fan of her,” Schwarzinger tells the Daily Dot of the woman known online as @callikoa who boasts 1.2 million TikTok followers. “I watched her videos whenever she would post them.” 

But after Schwarzinger posted new videos on TikTok chronicling their interaction, well, lets just say she’s not a big fan these days.

She originally commented on a video Hynes posted talking about her crystals. Schwarzinger let the influencer know about her small crystal shop business, Jade by Julia, and told the TikTok star to check her out. 

Soon she had a DM saying, “Hey it’s Calli from TikTok.”

Schwarzinger sent a message offering her a discount on some of her products and even first pick at some new inventory. 

Screenshots on @jadebyjulia’s TikTok show Hynes reply, “Would you wanna send some with no charge in exchange for a promo video?” 

Schwarzinger agreed. It seemed like a good move. Hynes had over a million followers and climbed her way to fame with makeup and hair videos as well as some explaining how she makes money sitting at home talking to sugar daddies. 

“She was the first influencer I was ever going to work with,” Schwarzinger told the Daily Dot. “I was a bit nervous you know because it’s money coming out of my pocket.”

In her TikTok, she goes on to explain that she asked Hynes…

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