The Technologies Consumers Can Use to Combat Fraud

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Cybersecurity has always been a hot topic, and 2021 is no exception. As more consumers go online for banking, shopping and other transactions during the pandemic, fraudsters are ramping up their efforts as well. 

While consumer fraud targets consumers, the focus of most of these attacks is to obtain personal identity information. From business owners to the average consumer, protecting yourself against fraud, identity theft and other scams is always on the brain.

Much like all entrepreneurs out there, I am a consumer as well. Last week I received a notification that my login information for Banana Republic, L.L.Bean, Dropbox and several other accounts was found up for sale on the dark web — and I had no idea. Unfortunately, these types of problems are a norm these days. A survey by identity protection company Aura found that 87% of U.S. adults see cybercrime being a threat to their safety more so than global warming (77%) and Covid-19 (81%).

How consumers can protect themselves from fraud

Protecting yourself against fraud should be your top priority. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, consider these five technologies that fight fraud consistently.

1. VPNs

A VPN is not just some technology for businesses to use. It is one of the most overlooked ways consumers and individuals can protect themselves against fraud.

If you’re unsure how a VPN works to combat fraud, it’s simple….

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