Scam and safety: IT experts weigh in on staying vigilant of scams | Local

A call from a number you don’t recognize, a text message asking you to click a strange link, an email asking you to update your payment information – all potential forms of scams that can put one in a bad position.

Phone or computer scams can happen to anyone, and with the holidays there are many folks who find themselves online more often. To help with the increase in this threat, Applied Connective Technologies President Ed Knott broke down what these threats look like and how to avoid them.

Applied Connective Technologies is a managed technologies service provider. They offer managed IT services, phone systems, physical security, infrastructure, and audio/video solutions for small and medium businesses, some government entities and school districts throughout Nebraska.

“We’re kind of on the frontlines as it relates to the cyber security threats and protecting in points and computers and users from those types of things,” Knott said.

From the technology side, Knott said email has been the biggest “threat factor” as far as risks go – both personal and business emails. A lot of activity such as ransomware, money fraud and other similar type threats originate through emails.

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