Scam Alert : Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration!

Watch out for the viral message about the Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration and the giveaway of a Toyota Corolla!

Find out why it is a SCAM, and please alert your family and friends!


Scam Alert : Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration!

This is the link that has gone viral on WhatsApp, claiming to offer you a chance to win a Toyota Corolla during the Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration!

It’s just a scam, so we added that overlay to prevent it from being further abused.

Please DO NOT CLICK on the link, or proceed with the “contest”.


Why Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration Contest Is A Scam!

For those of you who are wondering – how do you know it’s a scam, here are the facts…

Fact #1 : The Link Is Not Legitimate

If you look at the URL – the link – it goes to

It is obviously not a Toyota-related link, but an unrelated Chinese-registered (.cn) domain.

A real Toyota campaign would use the official Toyota website or Facebook / Twitter page, not a Chinese domain with å weird, random link.

In addition, it is not an SSL-encrypted link, which would start with https://. While not a hallmark of a scam link, legitimate websites will use SSL-encrypted links (with https, not http)

When you see such links, DO NOT CLICK on them.

Fact #2 : Toyota’s 80th Anniversary Was In 2017

Toyota was established on 28 August 1937. They celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2017, and will be 85 years old in 2022.

This is not only a scam, it’s an old…

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