Scam Alert: IRS Warns of Scammers Asking for Gift Cards for Tax Payments

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‘Tis the season — for financial scams of all kinds, when hackers and thieves attempt to separate well-meaning, hard-working people from their money.

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It may also be the time of year when taxpayers are trying to get caught up on unpaid back taxes to start fresh in 2022. But there’s one thing you should keep in mind if you’re planning to settle a tax bill this month: The IRS will never ask for or accept gift cards as payment for your federal taxes.

How Scammers Try To Collect Gift Cards from Taxpayers

Although this scam can happen year-round, it frequently occurs during the holiday season. The IRS recently released a notice to warn taxpayers about the scam.

Here’s how it works: Someone will call a taxpayer and pose as the IRS, asking for gift cards from a variety of stores as payment for a past-due tax bill. They might also send an email or text message, or even reach out through social media.

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Sometimes, thieves make themselves and their phone call look even more authentic by…

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