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Local councils have urged consumers to keep an eye out for any dubious emails they may receive from Amazon over the coming weeks. Cheshire West and Chester Council warned consumers may have received a genuine email announcing Visa credit cards will no longer be accepted as a payment method from January 19, 2022 and scammers could exploit this situation.

“Residents should be wary”

In a joint statement, the Councils’ Trading Standards team said a common scam technique uses emails, pretending to be from a well known online retailer, asking victims to change or update their payment details.

Karen Shore, the Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategy Transport, broke down what red flags should be kept an eye on.

She said: “Residents should be wary of any emails they receive asking them to update or change their payment details by following a link.

“Our team advises that rather than sending the updated details through the email as might be suggested, or by clicking on a link, or opening an attachment, people should make the changes directly on their Amazon account. These scam emails can look very similar to those used by the genuine companies, and many people could easily be fooled into responding to them.”

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The Councils also warned phone calls supposedly from Amazon asking for personal details, financial information or to update payment details should be hung up on immediately. This method…

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