Phishing — don’t take the bait

Phishing is a methodology that uses social engineering tactics to make a person take an action that is not in their best interests. There are many types of phishing. There are also many warning signs.

Before you take the bait, be aware of these traps. It can save you and your company a lot of time and money. How bad can it be? The best case is you waste some time repairing the damage done by clicking on a phishing link. The worst case is your computer or network is infected with a virus that can only be “cured” by paying a ransom, or your personal information is used by someone other than you.

Phishing schemes play with your emotions in an effort to make you act without thinking. For example: your family member has been in an accident and needs money to ensure medical treatment, or there is a problem with an order you don’t recall making. Before you act, call to verify that there is an actual emergency. Go to the website of the vendor that has the supposed problem and confirm the purchase. Do not to the email. Only respond from sites you know are authentic.

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