Ninja Van PH lists tips for safer online shopping

THE holiday season comes with sale, sale and more sales. Whether it is in the mall or through popular e-commerce platforms, there are always amazing price deals and a wide array of product selection for everyone.

As online shopping continues to be preferred by many because of the convenience it offers, some people tend to take advantage of the increased online shopping activity, especially during sale seasons, to scam innocent shoppers out of their money.

With stories of courier and shipping scams become more rampant on social media these days, Ninja Van Philippines has listed down some of the common tactics used by delivery scammers and ways to keep them at bay to ensure a safer online shopping experience, especially during holiday sales.

COD scams

While there is an increase in the number of Filipinos that use digital payment methods over the past year, cash-on-delivery (COD) is still the preferred mode of payment for consumers in the Philippines when it comes to purchasing online. This is mostly attributed to the fact that many want to ensure the product’s condition first before paying for it.

However, scammers are now finding ways to use COD payment for their own gain. Usually, their tactics involve luring individuals or family members who assist to receive on behalf of customers to pay in cash for parcels that they did not buy or did not match their expected purchases. To appear more convincing, they pose as legitimate…

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