Limerick man narrowly avoids being conned out of €5,000 in new ‘very believable’ scam as gardai issue warning

A man narrowly avoided being conned out €5,000 recently after receiving a call he thought was from Revenue.

The fraudsters were described as “very believable” and only when the Limerick man saw the call was from a number outside of Ireland, he realised what was happening and hung up.

Irish phone holders are well used to the incessant scams that began rearing their heads during the pandemic, but as people are catching on, fraudsters are becoming more creative.

According to a local report, the caller had the victim’s name, address, business name and PPS number.

Because they were able to list off this information, the man handed over his Revenue ID number and an audit reference number.

The scammer then asked that a bank transfer of €5,000 be complete over the phone “as a matter of urgency.”

Limerick man narrowly avoids being conned out of €5k in new “very believable scam” as gardai issue warning

At this point, he realised the phone number was not Irish, and so no money was transferred, however, the victim described the scenario as “very believable” and said it “appeared legitimate.”

Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Ber Leetch told the Limerick Leader: “If you receive a call from Revenue be very suspicious, hang up and ring Revenue yourself.

“If you have given your bank details over the phone, ring your bank first to cancel any…

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