How to enjoy a safer online shopping experience

Be aware of common shipping scams and know how to avoid them. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

AMID the holiday season, some people tend to take advantage of the increased online shopping activity, especially during sale seasons, to scam innocent shoppers out of their money.

As stories of courier and shipping scams become more rampant on social media these days, Ninja Van Philippines said people must be way of the tactics used by delivery scammers to keep them at bay to ensure a safer online shopping experience, especially during holiday sales.One glaring tactic used by scammers are riders posing as employees of different courier companies to lure people into paying for things they did not order. Ninja Van Philippines is urging its customers to stay vigilant and always verify if transacting with an authorized Ninja before receiving delivery or giving any form of paymentNinja Van Philippines advises the public to be extra vigilant when it comes to receiving deliveries. Double-check if the parcel matches the order ID on the mobile app and rejects the payment if anything seems suspicious. If expecting a parcel that requires COD, let family members know what it is and when to expect them just in case not able to receive them personally. After receiving the parcels, dispose of the airway bill properly to protect personal data by cutting it up, wetting it and rubbing out the details, or crossing out personal information, QR code,…

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