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Gastonia woman says she fell for puppy scam, lost around $6,500 – WSOC TV

GASTONIA, N.C. — “I was getting lonely. I had started feeling lonely,” LeShea Carrier said. “Just the loneliness of the season and everything that’s going on with COVID and then my son being away [in the Navy].”

She thought a puppy was the answer. She says she went online, fell in love with one, and agreed to buy her.

“I should have known better. I should have known better, but it sounded legit,” she told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

Carrier even bought a crate, a leash, toys and a sweater for the puppy. But, she says the company that was supposed to be shipping it — Sky Shipping Courier — hit her up with one fee after another, including:

  • Quarantine fee: $550
  • Medical examination fee: $475
  • Accommodation fee: $125
  • Extra feeding fee: $105
  • City permit: $455
  • Medicine: $255
  • Other paperwork: $290

Sky Shipping Courier asked her to pay some of the fees using Zelle and others using gift cards (a red flag), but promised to refund many of them upon delivery (another red flag). But Carrier says the delivery never happened.

She told Stoogenke she spent around $6,500.

“I feel devastated, helpless,” Carrier said. “I’ve gone through times where I’ve not wanted to talk to anyone, sleep, crying, cry myself to sleep, wake up crying.”

Stoogenke tried calling Sky Shipping Courier. As you might expect, no…

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