European health card scam

The police have warned of another online scam that users of the web need to be aware of. This time it is a European health card scam where the website is mimicking the official site.

Applying for a European health card from the Ministry of Labour is free however at least one site is known to be mimicking the official site and is charging people applying for the card. The site is charging 21.95 euros for the service and is luring people in by saying that cards are issued immediately with no waiting time, and that the card guarantees medical care in the European Union.

Over and above the concern over the claims and the cost for what is free to those on the Spanish national health system, the site requests personal details that can be used fraudulently. The site also offers to sort cards out for your spouse and family, again asking for unnecessary personal details.

In all the reported cases, the person applying has paid and received nothing in return.

In the same warning, Police have said there has been a proliferation in such sites and that people looking to acquire government documents such as this should always start their search via their regional government website or the national government site. Searches on the likes of Google will not necessarily take you to the legitimate site.

The European health card scam is just one of many and as always it is a case of buyer beware.

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