DMV, CDC messages are bogus

KEYSER – Another fraudulent scam alert has been issued and this time by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

The warning was released Jan. 3 on their website, and then local Del. Gary Howell stepped in to share it to multiple social medial sites to help spread the warning.

WVDHHR stated they had received several reports of individuals receiving spam text messages. The messages asked them to validate their drivers license through the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. An additional spam message even included that they are in partnership with the Center for Disease Control.

One spam message tells the individual that they can validate their license as part of a vaccine waiver and asks you to give your license number.

The spam text message reads: “West Virginia Covid-19 Vaccine Driver License Waiver Validation. Validate your details below” (with a clickable link). It then states, “Department of Health l State of West Virginia. Text “STOP” to stop msg.”

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