Amarillo police warns again of possible scams going around

The Amarillo Police Department released a reminder about possible scams targeting folks in the area over the holidays. 

Amarillo police “has received several phone calls from concerned citizens about being contacted by possible scammers. Be aware that scammers can spoof any phone number and claim to be anyone they want. Spoofing has become a popular way for scammers to contact people. Spoofing is described as altering the phone number that shows up on a caller ID in order to masquerade as someone else. They can make it look like they are calling from any business or phone number that they choose.

“Recently we have had many people being called from what looks like City of Amarillo phone numbers. Some of the most popular scams that we here about are Social Security, IRS, Xcel Energy, Microsoft, Craigslist, the grandparent scam and law enforcement officers claiming that you have a warrant or that a family member has been arrested and needs to be bailed out of jail.

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