5 Rappers That Got Busted Finessing Covid-19 Relief Loans

When the pandemic first came to light in early January 2020, most American’s continued with their lives as normal. When March 2020 came around, however, Covid-19 lockdowns started, leaving many people without jobs or access to money.

The United States government attempted to subvert the economic disaster they were facing by providing COVID-19 relief loans for business owners, entrepreneurs, and other people affected by the pandemic. 

These Paycheck Protection Program loans had strict rules governing who could and could not apply to receive relief funds. The applicant must have had a certain number of employees and needed to agree to the limited number of ways they could use the loans.

Naturally, a lot of people that did not qualify for PPP loans or simply did not want to abide by the strict rules. As a result, some people borrowed money through traditional means such as installment loans or Small Business Administration loans and others decided to try and “finesse” the government by fraudulently claiming benefits. As the government began cracking down on false claims, many celebrities including rappers got caught red-handed trying to get some extra “C.R.E.A.M”.  Read on to learn which rappers got busted for finessing COVID-19 relief loans.

1. Nuke Bizzle

Fontrell Antonio Baines, better known as Nuke Bizzle, was arrested on charges stemming from an alleged identity theft scheme around the Employment Development Department (EDD) and…

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