5 crimes targeting students and what you can do

Students have struggled a lot, especially during these tough pandemic-induced times. An added stress to their many responsibilities that include studying, taking exams, holding down a part-time job and trying to save, are people who try to con them. So, how do you avoid scams?

Before we get into that, you need to know that scammers often target young people in newer and more creative ways. A report by the Identity Theft Resource Centre stated that students are most vulnerable when looking for an apartment, signing up for utilities or getting a credit card — all while in a foreign country.

Below, we take a look at the top five ways students are deceived. Stay calm, we’ll also give you handy tips on how to avoid scams:

Fictional flat listings

This is a top one for students as there are many cyber criminals who make the time and effort to post fake listings of an ideal apartment. The “landlord” can’t show you the place but offers for you to secure it by wiring a deposit. Never fall for this.

Develop your research skills by doing an internet search with the apartment’s address to find any contact names related to it. You’ll most probably come across a legitimate listing and someone to contact so you can verify whether or not it’s real. 

Fake scholarships

Just like those emails saying you’re entitled to a hefty sum of money from a random person you’ve never met, you should stay alert to avoid scams like this.

Always, always, always make sure…

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